S.A.TOS S.p.A. has been working for thirty years in the field of canned vegetables (finished products, intended for direct consumption) semi-preserved food and semi-processed raw materials for food canning; Olives for Bakery and industrial ovens, for Wholesalers, HO.RE.CA., supermarkets  and organised distribution centres.

Our passion and long-standing experience and the careful selection of semi-processed raw materials for national and foreign food canning, make our finished products well cared for. Indeed today, many of the major industries in this sector prefer our selected products, which come directly from the hands of the founding members.

Products such as Capers, brine, seasoned and imported Olives (in 5-kg cans), dried and semi-dried Tomatoes, Stuffed Peppers, Artichokes, Onions, a wide range of Appetizers etc. etc., for which the raw materials are imported directly from countries like Spain, Greece, Morocco, where we have companies that work for us in compliance with our strict quality requirements.

Other products, such as Artichokes and /or dried Tomatoes are grown and processed in harvest farms in Southern Italy.

We produce also Appetizers in glass jar for free service as well as a line of take away trays. This ongoing commitment, coupled with the utmost seriousness and professionalism ensure “Warranty and Quality”.

Cribis Certificato

Olive Nostraline
Certificazione SGS iso 9001